Stuck without a Ride is the fifteenth episode in season 1 of Stuck in the Middle. It aired on July 20, 2016 to 1.3 million viewers.[1]


Harley needs to get to Boston for an inventor’s contest, but with dad away and mom busy with the rest of the kids, Harley is forced to turn to Rachel for help. 


Harley wants her mom to give her a ride to Boston this weekend but Suzy is too busy to take her. So, Harley tries to convince Rachel to go take her driving test since she already has a permit. Rachel refuses because having a driver's license means more responsibilities. Nevertheless, Harley persists until Rachel agrees to take the test.

After doing a few practice rides, they are confident that Rachel will pass the test. To Harley's surprise, Rachel fails. Rachel and Harley wonder why she failed. After some digging, they realize that Phil, the driving examiner, was Suzy's classmate. They conclude that Phil failed Rachel as revenge for something that Suzy may have done to him back in school. They assume that their mom broke Phil's heart. To make it up to Phil, the girls invite Phil to the house and treat him nicely in front of Suzy hoping that he would forgive her for whatever she did.

Eventually, Suzy reveals that Phil didn't fail Rachel because of revenge or anything. She is the one who asked him to fail Rachel because she wasn't ready to see her little girl grow up so quickly.

Meanwhile, Ethan is filming another one of his films for his class. He wants Lewie and Beast to star in it as Detectives Peeby and Jay. At first, the twins have trouble connecting to the characters. However, after Ethan helping them "become" their characters, Lewie and Beast get carried away in the drama. They continue arguing as Peeby and Jay even after Ethan finishing his film.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Gabriel Tigerman as Phil 

Mentioned Cast


  • In Stuck in a Slushy War, it is revealed that Phil got fired by the BMV because Harley gave him a very negative review for failing Rachel in this episode.
  • Ethan creates the characters of Detectives Peeby and Jay for Beast and Lewie in this episode. The twins reprise their Peeby and Jay characters to solve the Bait & Bite robbery in Stuck in a Mysterious Robbery. They also win a Diaz Award for best performance in an Ethan Diaz film in Stuck in the Diaz Awards.
  • Rachel eventually gets her license and Harley tries to convince her to give her a ride in Stuck Dancing with My Dad. She gets a red-light ticket in Stuck with a New Friend and is forced to attend traffic school.


  • Rachel is going to take her drivers test.
  • Daphne, Georgie, and Tom are not in this episode.
  • Rachel did not pass her drivers test because her mom wasn't ready for her to pass.
  • Harley later gets blamed for writing a bad review about Phil in Stuck in a Slushy War because she thought he failed Rachel.
  • The title of the movie that Ethan wants to make is "The Diamond Shines No More."


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International Premieres

  • October 22, 2016 (Hungary)
  • October 31, 2016 (Israel)


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