Sorry. Gotta hydrate "The Machine."
Georgie about herself

Stuck with a Winner is the eleventh episode in season 1 of Stuck in the Middle. It aired on June 10, 2016 to 1.3 million viewers.[1]


With basketball season over, Harley helps Georgie secure a spot on the golf team. Meanwhile, mom puts the kids up to a cooking challenge when they complain about her food.


With the basketball season off, Georgie has nothing to keep her occupied. She gets bored and even starts smack-talking a toaster and other things. Harley and Ethan don't want to watch her go through this. So, they decide to make her busy by convincing her to join another sport. After running through different ideas, they agree to convince Georgie to start playing golf.

Since they both know that Georgie wouldn't make the golf team, Harley invents remote controlled golf-balls to secretly help Georgie cheat her way into the team. On her first day, Georgie is surprised to see how she's able to get the golf balls into the holes without even trying. She gets cocky and starts calling herself "The Machine!" After noticing Georgie's ego, Harley and Ethan tell her the truth. Georgie is disappointed because she wanted to win on her own. So, Harley agrees to let Georgie play for real next time without interfering.

Unfortunately, a connection glitch causes the golf ball Georgie is using to be controlled by a remote control for a car that Beast and Lewie are playing with. So, the ball runs before Georgie hits it. Georgie starts running after the ball, leading into a very embarrassing scene. Georgie gives up golf.

Luckily, Georgie meets with Ms. Sullivan from the senior center and decides to spend her free time volunteering there to help them exercise.

Meanwhile, Rachel and the littles are criticizing Suzy's cooking as usual. Rachel tries to convince her mom to use recipes on a cookbook from one of her favorite TV shows, "Shouty Housewives of New Jersey." To convince her mom how easy it is to cook from the cookbook, Rachel rallies Lewie and Beast to help her prepare an excellent meal. When Daphne tries to help, Rachel kicks her out because she doesn't want Deathne near her food. Suzy loves the food and asks Rachel to be in charge of making dinner the next day.

Rachel realizes that if she continues making good food, her mom will put her in charge of dinner every night. So, she convinces Lewie and Beast to make terrible food on purpose so that their mom won't want them to cook again. However, Daphne overhears the plan and rats them out to Suzy. Suzy plays them by pretending to like the food.

After minutes of trying to force themselves to eat the gross food, Rachel gives up. She admits that cooking dinner everyday is hard. She starts to appreciate what their mom does for them.


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  • Harley tries to find a new sport for her sister.
  • Georgie doesn't know she is not really good at golf.
  • Tom is absent in this episode.
  • In the end, walking fast becomes Georgie's talent.


Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Tweedle-Full-Of-Herself are planning to mess up dinner so they don't have to cook anymore.
Daphne reporting Rachel and the twins to Suzy
The machine would really appreciate some quiet!
Georgie about herself
You set me up to look like a fool, Harley. I already have that covered on my own.
My whole life, I dreamed of becoming a winner. But when it finally happened, I was a bad one. I lost my integrity.


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International Premieres

  • September 12, 2016 (Israel)
  • October 8, 2016 (Hungary)


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