Aidan! He's run through this entire house like an infection! We have to warn mom and dad.
Harley and Ethan

Stuck with a Non-Diaz is the twelfth episode in Season 3 of Stuck in the Middle and the forty-ninth overall. It first aired on June 26, 2018 to 0.76 million viewers.[1]


The family preps for Ethan's latest short film premiere party, while also navigating a weekend visit from annoying neighbor Aidan.[2]


Ethan impresses his family with his latest zombie movie that he made with Harley's help in costumes and special effects. He wishes that Shane Coleman "the zombie king" could give the movie a shoutout on his channel to help Ethan attract more viewers. He sees this as his shot to pursuing his dream of becoming a big time movie director. Harley, Georgie and the twins agree to help make it happen.

Since Shane Coleman only reviews movies if he attends the premiere, Harley comes up with a plan to set up a movie premiere. She assigns each one of the Diazes a couple of tasks to perform. Georgie is in charge of setting up the sitting area. Lewie and Beast are in charge of snacks. Suzy and Tom are responsible for setting the movie screen tarp. Ethan's role is to go talk to Shane Coleman. Unfortunately, Ethan's pitch turns out to be very boring and unimpressive. Harley shows him how to do it but then Ethan insists that she should come with him. Harley delegates the rest of her duties to Georgie.

While Harley and Ethan are talking, Aidan walks in to return Ethan's comic book. Harley invites Aidan to the premiere but only because she knows he would be busy that weekend. But then Aidan reveals that his dad cancelled on him again and now he has to go with his aunt to a boring knitting convention since he can't be left at home alone. Feeling bad for Aidan, Harley and Ethan agree to invite him to spend the weekend with them. They bake pancakes for the rest of the kids to help convince them to help Aidan stay for the weekend without their parents finding out. However, before they can break the news to the rest of the kids, Aidan shows up and starts eating their pancakes. The Diaz kids hold a meeting in the bathroom to confront Harley and Ethan for inviting the annoying Aidan.

Harley and Ethan convince their siblings that Aidan only acts that way because he doesn't have brothers and sisters to keep him in line. If he spends time with the Diazes and helps out, Aidan could learn how to be responsible and how to share. Harley and Ethan leave to see Shane Coleman, hoping that their big family would influence Aidan. Unfortunately, their plan backfires and it's Aidan who influences the family. When Georgie tries to get Aidan to help, Aidan convinces her that she's the one being overloaded with all the heavy work. Aidan also convinces Beast and Lewie that instead of preparing candy for the guests, they should just eat it. After seeing the screen tarp that Tom and Suzy are preparing, Aidan makes fun of it for being too small and asks them to go buy another big one. Outside Shane Coleman's garage, Harley and Ethan wait for Shane to finish the show. Since Harley is wearing the zombie costume she made for the movie, she presses on a remote to activate its special effects. But the remote's frequency opens Shane's garage, causing them to interrupt his show. Shane freaks out at them but after seeing how the clip of them interrupting him going viral, he agrees to come to the premiere party. He also likes Harley's zombie costume.

The BFTFs arrive back home, an hour before the premiere party only to be shocked that their siblings haven't done anything. After interrogating Georgie and the twins, they realize that Aidan is the one who influenced them. Harley tells Ethan that they could still pull it off by themselves but it's too late. They don't have enough time. Ethan sadly tells Harley that he's given up. He thought this was the one chance he could prove to the world that he can be a great director but he was just kidding himself. Georgie, Lewie and Beast over hear the conversation and feel guilty about it. They all come in to help. Together, they manage to set up the premiere just in time.

Ethan introduces the movie to Shane Coleman and the rest of the audience while Harley is confronting Aidan. To make matters worse, Aidan brings a truck of video games to the premiere for entertainment even though they're supposed to be watching Ethan's movie. Harley yells at him so loudly that everyone starts staring at them. In the chaos, Aidan's video games truck knocks down the screen and destroys the projector. The premiere is ruined. Shane Coleman leaves angrily.

The next day, the Diaz kids angrily watch Aidan carry his bags out of the house. He tries to apologize but they're too upset. Soon after Aidan walks out, Shane Coleman comes in and tells them that he loved Ethan's movie. It turns out that after the premiere disaster, Aidan gave Shane a DVD of Ethan's movie and pushed him to watch it. It turns out Aidan was a good guy after all.

Before Aidan's next lacrosse game, the Diaz family gives him a ride and stays to cheer him up throughout the game.


Main Cast

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Guest Cast

  • Curt Mega as Shane Coleman



  • Daphne is said to be spending the weekend at the house of a friend.
  • Bethany Peters is said to be attending a knitting convention in Connecticut.
  • This episode aired as part of Disney Channels GO! Summer promotion.
  • In the script, Ethan was supposed to wear a Zombie costume for Shane Coleman as well.
  • The "Babysitter" (Haley Mazanec) from Ethan's film had previously appeared as a cheerleader in Stuck with a New Squad.
  • this is the first episode to air secens April


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