Stuck with No Rules is the twelfth episode in season 1 of Stuck in the Middle. It aired on June 17, 2016 to 1.3 million viewers.[1]


When their parents take off for the weekend, Harley and her siblings are left to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Rachel uses Harley’s help to make her friends jealous.


Harley convinces Tom and Suzy to go on vacation leaving Rachel in charge so that Harley can make the snow machine she wanted to make. The parents don't think Rachel is responsible enough to be left in charge; and Rachel herself doesn't want the responsibility either. Harley puts up a show to convince them that Rachel can be responsible. The parents don't buy it but agree to leave anyway. Instead, they plan on spying on the kids through the cameras in the house.

Right after the parents walk out the door, Rachel tells her younger siblings that they can do whatever they want. No rules!

With no rules, Lewie and Beast decide to go through the list of things they are not allowed to do. They do most of them such as leaving all the cabinets (include the fridge) open; taking chocolate bath etc. Their parents decide to mess with them by calling in and asking them not to eat the vegetables.

Georgie and Ethan want to watch TV but Daphne refuses to give them the remote. When Daphne falls asleep, they get the remote from her. Daphne threatens to retaliate when they least expect it. So, Ethan and Georgie spend the entire day being scared of what Daphne might do to them. At night, they lock themselves up but Daphne manages to sneak in and shave their eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Harley makes the snow machine she wanted. When Rachel finds out that her friends went on vacation without her, she asks to use Harley's snow machine to post photos pretending that she's on vacation. She even posts selfies with Harley. This is the most fun Harley has had with Rachel in a long time. Unfortunately, Rachel goes on to invite her friends over for a snow party and refuses to invite Harley. She even deletes the photo she had posted with Harley. This upsets Harley because she just wanted to spend time with her old sister. Harley refuses to operate the snow machine for Harley. She goes to sleep.

Early the next morning, the kids are shocked to wake up and find the entire living room covered in snow. Apparently, Rachel left the snow machine facing the house. When their parents see the house covered in white, they call the kids to tell them that they're coming home early. Rachel blames Harley for convincing her that she's ready for the responsibility but Harley calls out Rachel for not sticking out for anyone the way Harley stood up for Rachel. After making up with Harley, Rachel takes charge and distributes duties among her siblings to clean up the house quickly before their parents return.

At first, the parents are surprised to find everything in order. But then, they open the fridge and it's full of snowballs.


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  • When the kids parents go away, they get themselves into lots of trouble.
  • Lewie and Beast do all the things on the not to do list when their parents are gone.
  • Harley and Rachel throw a party.
  • Daphne causes trouble when she scares Ethan and Georgie over the TV remote.
  • This was a setup while their parents were gone to see what trouble they would cause.
  • The parents were watching what they were doing on their iPad.
  • Lewie and Beast took a bath, in chocolate pudding and ate whipped cream.
  • Ironically, the reason Rachel did not invite Harley to the party she threw was the reason why she was not invited to go on the trip with her friends, which started it all.
  • It is unknown if the Diaz kids were punished for any of the things they did.


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International Premieres

  • September 19, 2016 (Israel)
  • October 9, 2016 (Hungary


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