I can't believe it. We owe $800!

Stuck in the Waterpark - The Movie is the first episode in season 2 of Stuck in the Middle and the 18th episode overall. It aired on February 3, 2017 to 2.1 million viewers. 


The Diaz family jumps in, slides down and wades right into the metaphorical deep end of a family vacation when Harley’s winning invention scores the family a free trip to a waterpark.[1]


Harley is invited to take her family for a vacation at the waterpark for free as a gift because Harley gave them her latest invention, Dry-Through. Dry-Through is like a hand-dryer but it dries the whole body, perfect for waterparks when people want to dry fast. The Diaz kids are very excited for the opportunity, but their parents don't want to accept the offer because the kids can never get along without causing chaos. They agree on a deal: to go to the waterpark; but if the kids misbehave, this would be the last family vacation for them.

At the waterpark, the Diazes are frustrated to find that they were assigned a small room. The room won't be sufficient for small kids but not for a family of nine. So, the sleeping situation is a problem, but they agree to put up with it. They start trying different adventures at the waterpark.

Rachel and Harley find an empty cabana. They get inside and start ordering food service and entertainment assuming that it's free. They play music so loud that Mr. Pillman in the cabana next door - keeps asking them to keep it down. For the first time, Harley and Rachel actually have real fun together.

Georgie spends the whole time trying to go down a water slide. She's scared at first. So, she keeps going to the back of the line. She finally goes through after being accidentally knocked down the slide.

Ethan is playing at a waterpark game hoping to win a prize when Daphne comes over and starts forcing him to give her the money instead. Ethan refuses but Daphne takes the advantage to blackmail him by threatening to tell an embarrassing story to a cute girl, Hannah Pillman. Ethan gives Daphne the money to send her away. He then starts bragging about how brave he is to Hannah. After winning a pink bear, he tries to give it to Hannah but Hannah refuses. Instead she asks him to win a unicorn for her. Unfortunately, Ethan keeps winning more pink bears. Hannah tells him to try again the next day.

The Diaz kids join Rachel and Harley in the cabana. When the park manager comes to ask them to keep the noise down, he also gives them an $800 bill. They had assumed everything was paid for. Only the cabana was paid for. Now, they must come up with a way to pay the money without their parents finding out. So, while their parents are asleep later that night, the kids start brainstorming how to make all that money. No luck.

After trying everything without luck, Harley is ready to tell her parents about the cabana bill. That means, bye bye to future family vacations. Just before breaking the news to Tom and Suzy, Harley notices a poster for an upcoming aqualympics competition where different families have to compete in different water games. Winner gets $1000. This is her chance. She rallies her family to join the competition. Their biggest rival turns out to be the Pillmans in the cabana next door. Hannah Pillman and Ethan realize how awkward it's going to be since they were developing some chemistry. But they've got to stand with their families. The Pillmans are big and strong compared to the Diazes who are mostly little kids.

After a series of competitions, the Diazes and the Pillmans are tied neck to neck. In the final round, the Diazes use Harley's Dry-Through invention to make them dry and less slippery, giving them advantage over the Pillmans. The Diazes win the competition and use the money to pay for the cabana bill.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Gregg Binkley as Chester Torvilleton
  • Tom Parker as Mr. Pillman
  • Kate Tomlinson as Hannah Pillman
  • Corey Dorris as Malcolm
  • Chistopher Chen as Fed Up Dad


  • In Stuck in Spring Break, a lot of events from this episode are brought back and built upon including:
    • The Pillmans return and continue their feud with the Diazes, referencing their feud and competition from this episode.
    • Hannah Pillman and Ethan temporarily resume their awkward relationship again.
    • It is revealed that Mr. Pillman stole Harley's Dry-Thru from this episode and started calling it "Invisi-Towel."
  • Harley mentions her family's love for donuts which she used to trick them in Stuck in the Middle.
  • The kids secretly planning to pay for the cabana bill is nominated for a Diaz Award in Stuck in the Diaz Awards.
  • The Diaz kids say that they hate going to the Pilgrimland for vacation. In "Stuck with No Escape," Harley builds escape room based on the Pilgrimland because she knows her siblings hate it and will want to escape.


  • This is the season 2 premiere. 
  • This episode, despite being an hour-long special, was promoted as a movie. 
  • A teaser trailer for this episode was released during Friday night of premires on Friday January 13th.
  • The waterpark, Cannoncall Cove, is in New Hampshire.
  • Previous Diaz vacations were at an inexpensive tourist attraction known as "Pilgrim Land."
  • Gregg Binkley had a recurring role as Mr. Jenkins on Kirby Buckets.
  • This episode was originally shot as 2 episodes: "Stuck in the Waterpark" and "Stuck in the Aqualympics".
  • This episode has some very mature scenes such as when Gerogie found her bathing suit in the slide and when Chester found what may have been poop in the swimming pool.
  • This movie was shot at a real waterpark, Buccaneer Bay Water Park at Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center in La Mirada, California.
  • Ethan made a reference to the Hunger Games at the end.

International Premieres

  • April 4, 2017 (Israel)
  • May 13, 2017 (Brazil)
  • May 14, 2017 (Latin America)
  • June 9, 2017 (Spain)
  • June 10, 2017 (Portugal)
  • June 16, 2017 (Italy, Bulgaria)
  • June 19, 2017 (Hungary)
  • June 26, 2017 (Poland)


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