A quinceañera is a big part of our Latino heritage. It marks the transition from girl to young woman. Besides, it's like going to a prom that only celebrates you.

Stuck in the Quinceañera is the sixteenth episode in season 1 of Stuck in the Middle. It aired on July 21, 2016 to 1.5 million viewers.[1]


The whole family chips in to give Georgie a last minute quinceañera, while Lewie and Beast track a hurricane headed their way. 


Georgie is now fifteen years old, and her Quinceañera is coming up. Unlike Rachel whose big Quinceañera party took nine months to plan, Georgie doesn't want a big party at all. She just wants a small brunch with an omelet bar. The rest of the Diazes had given up convincing her to throw a big party. That is, until Harley realizes that she needs a big party to show off her new invention, the Harley Cam.

So, Harley convinces Georgie to throw a big party by reminding her how Quinceañera is the most important day in a young Latina girl's life. It marks the transitions from a girl to a young woman. Georgie agrees. Harley gets Rachel on board by asking her to be the one in charge of selecting party dresses. She enlists Ethan to help with invitations by telling him that he can use the opportunity to invite cute girls, shorter than him. She makes Tom and Suzy pay for Georgie's last minute Quinceañera party by making them feel guilty for throwing Rachel a bigger party than Georgie's. Daphne offers to choreograph the dance. Meanwhile, Lewie and Beast are obsessed with tracking Hurricane Lewie.

Since everyone is acting out of selfishness, they plan for what they want instead of what Georgie actually wants. Rachel refuses to let Georgie select her own dress. Ethan invites girls that Georgie doesn't even know. And Harley starts making Georgie wear Harley Cam on top of her outfit. It becomes a nightmare for Georgie. She becomes very stressed out because that's not what she wanted. She goes outside in the middle of the night to release stress by shooting hoops. When the rest of the kids hear her, they come outside to talk to her. She explains the frustration to them and how they're making her throw a party that she doesn't even want. She wants to cancel the party. At that point, the kids realize how selfish they've been. So, they agree to give up their selfish wants. They make Georgie the captain to choose what she wants for the party.

The day of Georgie's Quinceañera arrives. Tom and Suzy set up the party outside, ignoring a forecast from Lewie and Beast that Hurricane Lewie is going to hit Marshport. Just before the party, the Hurricane hits. In the storm, Georgie gets knocked down by a party prop, hurting her ankle. After regaining consciousness, Georgie sadly tells Harley that this was the way of the universe reminding her that she's not meant for the spotlight. Harley doesn't want Georgie to give up. So, she rallies the rest of the family to set up a indoor party for just the Diazes. She even invents a hoverboard called "Georgie-Board" for Georgie to be able to move around even with broken ankle. Georgie has the best time of her life during the dance with her family.

After seeing how happy Georgie is Harley says that the Harley Cam will have to wait a little longer to have its big moment. The important thing is, Georgie got to have hers.

While dancing, poor Georgie loses control over her Georgie-Board. She slides and falls, breaking her other ankle!


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  • This is the first episode to air on a Thursday. 
  • Georgie turns 15 in this episode and has a Quinceañera. 
  • Georgie hurts her ankle in this episode due to a piece of furniture falling on her. 
  • It took 9 months to plan Rachel's Quinceañera. 
  • This is the first episode the whole cast appears in since Stuck with No Rules.
  • Georgie does not want a big party but everyone thinks she does.  
  • Lewie and Beast watch the weather channel and are tracking a hurricane.  
  • Lewie and Beast dress up in this episode.  
  • Beast and Lewie are tracking a real hurricane but nobody believes them, thinking it was fake which was one of the reasons why the family got put in danger.  
  • The song played during the family dance is "Maybe Tonight" by Scavenger Hunt.


  • Beast states that it is summer in this episode, but in Stuck Wrestling Feelings, Georgie says that her birthday is October 17th, which isn’t near the summer.

International Premieres

  • August 31, 2016 (Australia) 
  • October 23, 2016 (Hungary) 
  • November 7, 2016 (Israel) 


So, the Harley Cam will have to wait a little longer to have its big moment. The important thing is, Georgie got to have hers.
Turns out being in the spotlight's terrible. I don't like my dress. I can't do my dance. And most of the people coming are very short girls I do not know ... I’m saying, I don't want a quinceañera at all.
Georgie to her siblings
This is the most important moment in a young Latina's life. I have to convince her to do a big party. Georgie deserves her moment in the sun.
I see what you did there. Bringing my worst fear to life. And I respect it! I'm in!
Is that dancing, or is there a bee in your pants?


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