So long suckas! The H-Train is moving out of Lame Town and I am NEVER coming back. Losers!!!

Stuck in the Block Party is the fifth episode in season 1 of Stuck in the Middle. It aired on April 1, 2016 to 1.6 million viewers.[1]


Harley tasks herself with creating an activity for the annual neighborhood block party, but finds it difficult to come up with the perfect idea.


The neighborhood usually hosts a block party for people to get to know their neighbors. Most of the times, they usually just end up making fun of the Diazes and their parenting skills. Since the family that's usually in charge of the big activity moved out, Harley wants the Diazes to be in charge but Bethany just laughs at them. To prove Bethany wrong, Suzy commits the Diazes for the activity. Harley is in charge of coming up with the idea.

Since this is the only chance for the Diazes to prove themselves to the neighborhood, Harley can't let the family down. She needs to create the perfect quiet environment in order to think of the best idea without all the noise from the other kids. After talking with her friend, Ellie Peters, Harley gets the idea to hide in a closet so that she can think without interference from the rest of the Diazes. She gets cocky as she moves out her shared bedroom, calling Rachel and Georgie losers.

With Harley out of the shared bedroom, Rachel takes up all of Harley's space, despite Georgie's urge for her to share. When Georgie asks for a vote, Rachel uses the squad she's video-chatting with to vote on her side. So, Georgie places an embarrassing photo of sleeping Rachel behind Rachel. When Rachel's video-chat squad see the photo, they start laughing at her. Georgie refuses to remove it until Rachel agrees to share. Rachel caves in and agrees to fairly share the room with Georgie.

Back in the closet, Harley stays all night trying to come up with an idea, but no luck. She can't find her inspiration. The best idea she can get is a trampoline. She then remembers how she got most of her ideas and realizes that her ideas are usually inspired by family chaos. So instead of isolating herself from the rest of the family, she decides to rejoin them. Unfortunately, Rachel and Georgie refuse to let her back into their bedroom because they're still mad about how she left them. Ethan sympathizes with Harley but blames her for letting pride get in her way.

Harley gets an idea of how to get back into her room when Lewie and Beast come complaining to her that Daphne has moved into their room. The twins had asked Daphne to help them train as firemen but then Daphne turned out to be too tough for them to handle. And now they don't want her anymore but she's not giving them a break. To kill two birds with the same stone, Harley convinces Daphne to move into her space in Rachel and Georgie's room. As long as there's an empty space, they're obligated to let Daphne move in. Harley knows that Rachel and Georgie would rather have her than have Daphne move in.

Daphne moves with her playhouse into Harley's old space and starts destroying some of Rachel and Georgie's stuff. When she places Georgie's bobbles to slide down to their destruction, it gives Harley the idea to build a roller coaster for the activity.

The block party is wowed by Harley's roller coaster and impressed by how the Diazes handled the big activity, even pleasing Bethany, to an extant.


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  • The Diaz family wants to be in charge of the neighborhood block party.
  • Harley moves out of her room and makes the hall closet her own space.
  • But for some reason Harley can't think when there is so much peace and quiet she only thinks good in a loud environment, like being with her siblings.
  • The twins are being picked on by Daphne.
  • Finally Harley comes up with a way to save the block party.


How did I miss this? I'm the middle kid in a huge family. My body rejects peace and quiet. I thrive in chaos!
Beast: She's driving us bananas!
Lewie: No, we like bananas. She's driving us tofu!
—Lewie and Beast about Daphne

International premieres

  • May 6, 2016 (Australia)
  • May 13, 2016 (UK and Ireland)
  • August 1, 2016 (Israel)
  • August 20, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • September 17, 2016 (Hungary)


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