We may have greatly underestimated how many parents want a break from their children!

Stuck in Camp Chaos is the fourth episode in season 3 of Stuck in the Middle and the 41st episode overall. It first aired on February 2, 2018 to 1.07 million viewers.


Harley and Ellie host a winter-break camp for the neighbor kids.[1]


Harley's best friend, Ellie Peters comes home for a holiday, hoping to spend some time with her best friend. She finds Harley planning for her upcoming Quinceañera. To raise money for the big day, Harley convinces Ellie to run a camp for kids outside the Diaz's house.

However, their camp activities keep getting interrupted by Aidan, Ellie's cousin who just moved in. Harley tries her best to quit Aidan or at least make him less interruptive. But Aidan is so stubborn and rude that Harley can't take it anymore. She loses her cool and asks Lewie and Beast to mobilize the rest of the campers to make as much noise as possible to scare Aidan away. In the chaos, the kids end up destroying the wall between the Diaz's and Bethany's house. Ellie is disappointed because she had came home to spend time with her best friend but Harley has been to busy leading little kids in a revenge battle against Aidan.

Meanwhile, Georgie tries her luck babysitting Daphne the way Rachel used to do. Unfortunately, Georgie is too soft for Daphne's tricks. They end up destroying a lot of things in the house and trying to cover them up. At the end, Daphne shows Georgie how to get out of trouble - by admitting their crime when their parents are mad at another kid for a bigger crime. The perfect opportunity arises when Suzy busts Harley inciting camp chaos. Harley gets in trouble while Georgie and Daphne walk free. After the chaos, Harley and Ellie manage to reconcile while at the same time discuss about Harley’s Quinceanera.


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  • Antonio Raul Corbo as Hunter

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  • Ellie returned. She was last seen in Stuck with a Bad Influence.
  • According to Aidan, the fence between the Diaz and Peters property is off by six feet (however, Ellie states that she believes her mother doesn't particularly mind, and would allow the fence to stay were it always stood).
  • This was the second time the events of one episode continued into the next
  • Ellie taped the prior season of Dancing With My Dad, (which would include Harley's episode with her dad).
  • Rachel was mentioned.
  • Harley was raising funds for a secret project involving her Quinceañera.
  • According to Ellie, Stuck in Harley's Quinceañera will occur in 98 days (14 weeks). Assuming Harley's birthdate of April 22, the date would be January 14.
    • Stuck Wrestling Feelings takes place 2 months after the events of this episode which shows Rachel's birthday to be on a Wednesday which lines up with March 14, 2018.
  • The girls named their camp, "Harley and Ellie's Good Time Fun Camp."
  • This was the first episode without an appearance from Ethan
    • As of this episode, everyone except Harley has been absent for at least one episode.
  • There was a casting call for a character named Jonah who did not appear.
  • Suzy grounds Harley on lockdown for the second time since "Stuck in Lockdown ".


Harley: More kids, more money. More money, more quince!
Ellie: That's not a saying!

—Ellie and Harley

Wow, this does not sound like the great mom I'm used to. This sounds like one of those helicopter moms who hover overs over their kids 24/7, squashing their independence, you know, like Bethany.
—Harley to her mother

Your mom knowing means my mom knowing, which means byebye camp. We have to be smart about this. Now grab an eggplant, get outside and join the army!
—Harley to Ellie

I gave up my vacation to help you raise money for your quince because I'm team Harley. But this, is not the team I signed up for.
—Ellie storming out


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