The data's in. I like Aidster--Aidan!

Stuck Wrestling Feelings is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of Stuck in the Middle and the fifty-second overall. It first aired on July 5, 2018 to 0.85 million viewers.[1]


Harley realizes that she had a great time hanging out with a surprisingly sweet and generous Aidan, despite a chaotic day; Georgie calls Harley out for crushing on Aidan.[2]

Full Plot

Harley is testing the "Laundro-mate" (her new laundry folding machine) when Lewie and Beast ask her to take them to the WrestleSmash wrestling convention to see their favorite bad guy, The Businessman. Harley doesn't want to go but Suzy convinces her by giving her a chores-free week. Aidan is going too and Harley hopes he could watch over the boys but he turns out to be over-excited, just like them. So, Harley agrees to take them.

At the WrestleSmash convention, Harley wants to spend most of the time fixing her laundry folding machine despite the twins' urge to lighten up and have fun. When she puts on a brown hoodie, she gets mistaken for the legendary Mistress Monk, drawing attention from everyone. Aidan and the twins ask her to play along. They prepare Harley for a potential wrestling at the con by having her practice on a dummy. To get Harley energized, Aidan asks her to think of all the bad things he's done to her. This helps Harley gets angry enough. Afterwards, The Businessman notices Harley because of the hoodie and calls her on stage to demonstrate how he puts people in a headlock. Aidan leads the crowd to chant "Mistress Monk!" to encourage Harley to go on stage. After Harley easily flipping The Businessman, Aidan leads the crowd to cheer for Harley.

Back at home, Georgie and Suzy get dresses that Rachel made for them in her fashion design class, two days before her birthday. Since Suzy had forgotten Rachel's upcoming birthday, she wants to make it up to her by promoting her dresses on Good Morning Boston TV show. They decide to make posters showing those are Rachel's dresses. Georgie is working on the poster when Harley returns home from the convention. She tells Harley that she's been following Aidan's social media and after listening to Harley explain the story behind each post, Georgie figures out that Harley and Aidan have a crush on each other. Harley dimisses Georgie's theory as ridiculous. She insists that she and Aidan are just friends. She tells Georgie that she's too busy room for a boy. Georgie asks her to give love a chance. Harley refuses. But when Beast and Lewie ask her to join them for a stakeout to spy on The Businessman, Harley agrees without hesitation after learning that Aidan will be there.

During the stakeout, Harley sets a mission to use science to prove that she doesn't have a crush on Aidan. She pays attention to everything she does that might imply a crush. She is surprised when she laughs so hard at Aidan's jokes. When she gets cold, Aidan gives her his jacket. She smells the jacket and blushes. While talking to Aidan, she forgets and calls him "Aidster." Aidan and the twins are shocked that Harley just gave Aidan a cute nickname. She then tries to brush it off but it's just embarrassing when she calls Beast "Beasticakes." She then puts all that together and concludes that the data proves she likes Aidan. Uh oh!

While Harley is at the stakeout with the boys, Suzy and Georgie put on Rachel's dresses and carry the posters ready to be seen on TV. However, Rachel texts them that they're wearing the dresses backwards. So, they're forced to lose their position in line as they go to go change. That evening, Georgie talks to Harley again about her crush on Aidan. Harley admits that science proved that she likes Aidan but she doesn't have to follow science. Science is not the master of her. So, she becomes determined to fight her crush on Aidan.

On Rachel's birthday, Georgie is getting prepared to go present Rachel's dress with Suzy on Good Morning Boston. In the kitchen, she runs to Lewie and Beast who reveal that Harley has refused to go with them to the science museum. They wanted to do something Harley likes to thank her for doing something they like. Even though Harley loves science, she chose not to go after hearing that Aidan would be there. Georgie then reveals to them that Harley is refusing to go because she likes Aidan. She then leaves for Good Morning Boston. There, Georgie and Suzy get the host's attention who agrees to give them a segment to talk about Rachel's dresses. Unfortunately, The Businessman stops by and in the process of putting someone in a headlock, he accidentally causes commotion which leads to smoothies spilling all over Suzy and Georgie. The dresses are ruined. Later that evening, Georgie is surprised to find a viral video of them get smoothied. The video was posted by Rachel and it helps generate attention for her dresses.

Meanwhile, the twins trick Aidan and Harley into going into the slide. After being left alone with Aidan, Harley looks around and notices the romantic theme. When Aidan mentions that someone clearly wants them to be alone together, Harley freaks out saying that it wasn't her. She runs down the slide and goes to confront Lewie and Beast. The twins reveal that it was Georgie who told them about her crush. They tell her that she's usually the one who helps push people to pursue things they like. Now, it's their turn to help her out.

After that talk, Harley goes back to Aidan and asks him to hang out with her in the slide. Harley and Aidan smile and laugh as they climb into the slide together, marking the start of their relationship.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Wayne T.Carr as Scott Wayne
  • Geno Segers as The Businessman

Absent Cast


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  • Harley and Aidan finally become more than friends. They started as enemies in Stuck with a Diaz Down and their relationship has been developing through multiple episodes.
  • Several Harley vs Aidan rivalry moments are mentioned including:
    • Their fight in Stuck in Camp Chaos where Harley sent kid campers after Aidan; and destroying the fence.
    • Aidan taking over Harley's announcements.
    • Aidan eating the Diazes' pancakes in Stuck with a Non-Diaz.
  • The twins put on the same wrestling outfits they wore in Stuck at the Movies.
  • The twins mention Harley pushing Georgie to join the dance team in Stuck with a New Squad; and for getting Ethan to finally complete a movie in Stuck with a Non-Diaz.
  • Lewie says Georgie's inability to keep secrets has been established. Georgie mentioned it in Stuck with Horrible Helpers when she was telling her dad some of her siblings' secrets to make him mad. It was also seen in Stuck in a New Room when she told everyone about the attic room.
  • Rachel sends Georgie and Suzy some of her design dresses. She left for a fashion design college in "Stuck with Rachel's Secret."
  • Georgie mentions Suzy forgetting Harley's birthday in "Stuck in the Sweet Seat."
  • As seen in Stuck in a Fake Out, Harley eventually finished fixing the "Laundro-mate" laundry folding machine she was making in this episode.


  • According to Harley, the events in this episode take place two months after Stuck in Camp Chaos which means it's around March 12 - March 14.
    • Camp Chaos happened on January 14 because Ellie said it's 98 days to Harley's birthday (April 22).
    • Rachel's birthday is shown to be on a Wednesday which also aligns with March 14.
  • Nicolas Bechtel celebrated his 13th birthday during production.
  • Ethan and Tom are said to be out of town.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • Rachel's birthday is stated to be in two days.
  • Georgie's birthday is October 17th.
  • Harley bears a fairly close resemblance to a wrestler named "Mistress Monk," whose gimmick is her "Vow of Violence." 
  • There are slight changes from the original script:
    • The wrestling demo had break-away-chairs which Harley, Lewie, and Beast all used on Aidan.
    • The Businessman did not ruin Rachel's dresses, a faulty mixer lid flew off and splashed them.
    • The smoothies were flavored blueberry-kale.
  • Geno Segers previously appearred in Disney XD's  Zeke and Luther, but is best known for playing "Mason Makoola" on Pair of Kings,  


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