This is a list of all of Harley's inventions in Stuck in the Middle.

Name Description Episode(s) Information
Mom Tracker Invention Harley made to track her mother. Stuck in the Middle
Travel Thumb Invention Harley made because her mom lost her travel mug. Stuck in the Middle
Table Invention Harley made so their family can sit at one table. Stuck in the Middle
Stuck in the Sweet Seat
Simply used for eating at.
Cheddar Shirley Invention Harley made from a doll and a cheese spray bottle. Stuck in the Middle
Rocket Invention Harley uses in the opening sequence to display the logo. All except "Stuck in the Middle" Displays logo in opening sequence.
Skate Kite Invention Harley made to fly a kite while skateboarding. Stuck in the Sweet Seat She gives the kite to Lewie and Beast to distract them and Suzy.
Stuck in the Diaz of Our Lives Harley's family uses this invention as a highlight for an application for a segment on Girl Power.
Coffee remote Remote Harley made from a walkie-talkie to mess with the coffee maker Stuck with a Guy on the Couch Harley uses this so Suzy would not get coffee and Bai Hsu would be lost in the shuffle.