Cuff is a recurring character in Stuck in the Middle. He is portrayed by Brett Pierce.


Cuff is an irresponsible teenager and a vandal who has been in juvenile prison for vandalism. He was in a relationship with Rachel Diaz, yet her parents (most obvious being Tom Diaz) do not like him, which is reasonable because he is technically a criminal.



  • His first name is revealed to be Warren in Stuck with My Sister's Boyfriend.
  • He can be seen as a bad person which is why Tom and Suzy don't like him.
  • He has vandalized a porta-potty just for Rachel.
  • He threw a chicken bone into Harley's invention bag.
  • Harley tricked Cuff into getting a job but then he realized the importance of having a job and ended up dumping Rachel.
  • His original sides can be accessed here[[1]].


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