I know you think I'm a villain. But I would never send my daughter some place she wouldn't love. I want the best and sometimes that requires a little push.

Bethany Peters is the mother of Ellie Peters and a main antagonist in Stuck in the Middle. Bethany is portrayed by Lauren Pritchard.


Ms. Peters is the Diaz's selfish, rude, mean and nosy next-door neighbor. She's very critical, especially to both Suzy and Tom, as she criticizes them for their parenting. Bethany is overprotective towards her daughter Ellie - she bans her from eating sweets or doing anything fun. Her style in parenting is extremely controlling towards other people and her daughter. She usually is very overprotective of her daughter Ellie as proven when she uses her tablet to track Ellie no matter if she is far or close, and at times manipulates Ellie to her advantage. She has a lot of things in common with Suzy Diaz but due to her perfectionist attitude and claims to superiority she broke their short lived friendship.


  • She moved into her house only a few weeks before Harley was born.
  • Bethany has issues with the Diaz family.
  • Bethany manipulated Ellie into snooping in the Diaz's medicine cabinet
  • She doesn't allow her daughter to have any fun or enjoy certain things.
  • She doesn't like Ellie having any sweets
  • She probably wants Ellie to succeed but in a wrong way.
  • Her actress was Coach Penny on Jessie and the librarian on Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything which are other Disney shows.
  • It is unknown if she was ever married or divorced because there is no mention of Bethany having a husband.
  • Bethany allows her nephew Aidan to move into her house while his father is away in Japan.

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