Abuela is the mother of Tom Diaz and thus the grandmother of the Diaz children. As she tends to spoil them as much as possible, all her grand kids adore her. After hearing many praises about her from her family, she finally appears in the third season of Stuck in the Middle. She is portrayed by Olga Merediz.


Although she and Suzy seem to share a stereotypical semi-hostile mother-in-law/daughter-in-law dynamic, she is completely beloved by the rest of the Diaz family.




  • "Abuela" is Spanish for grandmother.
  • Although the kids adore her, they do consider her an easy mark to ask for money.
  • Georgie did not want to teach her dad "Yo Mama," insults because she considers Abuela to be a saint.
  • Her one fault seems to be that she makes an inedible prune loaf (at least in Tom's opinion).
  • Harley got her to pay for the Beast-day party, by informing her the family now celebrates half-birthdays 
  • Suzy reluctantly contacted Abuela to get recipes for authentic Spanish cuisine, but did not realize how work-intensive they would turn out to be.  
  • Every year Harley crafts a special Christmas ornament for Abuela's tree, which was delivered by mail, however, in Stuck at Christmas - The Movie, she was finally able to present her creation to Abuela in person.  
  • She maintains extra storage space just for Christmas decorations. 
  • In a deleted scene, Abuela tells Harley she takes an improv class, and is running for condo president.  
  • Despite only making two physical appearances, she has been mentioned almost 20 times.