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• 10/9/2017

Specific birth dates

While cleaning up some vandalism that had occurred on several wikis, I noticed that each of the main characters has a specific birth date and year listed. I haven't seen the show, but in general most TV shows don't give their characters a specific birth year unless it's necessary to say that in a story. "Is it important to the story that we pin down this specific detail?"

The reason for that is it prevents the show from being locked into a specific time. For example, if a character celebrates their 17th birthday and something like a driver's license shows their birthdate is August 23, 1995, that means that episode can '''only''' take place on August 23, 2012. It can't take place in 2017, 2029 or 2005.

Most shows try to be "timeless", meaning that there will be indications that it happens within a certain time period, but not a specific time. For example, if someone spotted a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone sitting on a counter top during an episode, then we'd know that the episode took place sometime after spring 2017 since that's when it was released. But unless one of the characters says, "Do you like the phone I just got this morning? I stood in line for two days to be the first to get it.", we couldn't say that that episode happened on April 21, 2017, the release date of the phone in the US.

Many people try to invent information about a character to fill in the blanks of the Infobox. They think, "The infobox has a birth date field. The character was born, so they must have a birth date, so I'll just make one up so I can fill in that line." And then someone else comes along and changes it to a different date because they're also trying to invent the birth date for the character.

I recommend that unless you can find an exact source of information like birth dates, they should be removed because they're speculation.
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• 5/16/2018
I used to believe those informations about birthdates but this makes sense. But in my opinion only Harley's birthday looks accurate, and here is the explanation posted:
"She was born on April 22nd, 2003 as shown in "Stuck in the Sweet Seat".
This is made clear by the fact that her birthday, which is shown to be on the 22nd, takes place on a Friday in a month with only 30 days. April 22nd, 2016 takes place on a Friday and her following birthday, as seen at the end of the episode, takes place on a Saturday, which April 22nd, 2017 does."
So now that we know Harley's birthday, how can we know the other characters' birthday??
• 5/17/2018
We probably don't. Like I said, it's done by people who think they're helping by filling in the information, but it's made-up information, not something that can be verified in the show.
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